Table of Contents

1. History
2. Strategic Plan
3. Mission & Goals
4. Authority

A. Corporate Status of Board

B. Statutory Powers of Duties of the Library Board

5. By-Laws
6. Board Policy

A. Orientation of New Trustees

B. Board Training

C. Ethics Statement for Public Library Trustee

D. Library Board

a. Selecting Board Members

b. Terms and Appointment of Board Members

c. Expired Terms of Board Members

d. Attendance at Meetings

e. SCKLS Representative

f. Officers and Their Duties

E. Board Meetings

a. Agenda

b. Minutes of Meetings

c. Open Meetings

d. Executive Sessions During Board Meetings

F. Public Records

a. Exceptions to the Kansas Open Records Act

b. Retention of Records

7. Personnel Policy

A. Employment

a. Authority

b. Equal Employment

c. Policy of Non-Harassment

d. Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs

e. Injury

f. Hiring Procedures

g. Nepotism

h. Staff Attitude and Conduct

i. Employee Appraisal

j. Discipline, Dismissal, and Termination

k. Grievance Procedure

l. Confidentiality of Employee Personnel Records

m. Resignation and Letters of Recommendation

B. Compensation

a. Authority

b. Job Classification

c. Work Week and Work Schedule

d. Payroll Procedure

e. Mandatory Federal/State Deductions

f. Annual Leave

g. Sick Leave

h. Family and Medical Leave

i. Bereavement Leave

j. Holidays

k. Civil Leave

l. Request for Leave

m. Continuing Education
8. Collection Development Policy

A. Introduction

a. Legal Authority

b. Mission Statement

c. Goals of Collection

d. Responsibility for Selection

B. Criteria and Review Sources

a. General Selection Criteria

1. Fiction

2. Children’s

3. Young Adult

4. Non-Print

5. Videos

6. Artwork

b. Review Sources for all of the following:



Young Adult

Non-Print Media

C. Acquisitions

a. Materials Not Purchased

b. Replacement and Duplicates

c. Recommendations From the Public

D. Gifts and Tax Exemption

E. Donations and Memorials

F. Interlibrary Loan and Cooperation

G. Confidentiality of Library Records

H. Challenged Materials

I. Maintenance of the Collection

a. Weeding Policy

b. Questions to Consider When Weeding

9. Service Policy

A. Library Use

a. Library User Registration

b. Limits on Borrowing

c. Length of Loan Periods and Renewals

d. Reserved Materials

e. Use of Equipment

f. Computers and Internet Use

g. Fines, Lost and Damaged Materials

h. Copyright

B. Service Hours

C. SCKLS Membership

D. Special Services

E. Other General Services

a. Use of Library Building

b. Exhibits and Displays

c. Distribution of Materials on Library Property

F. Code of Conduct for Library Users

10. Emergency Preparedness Policy
11. Appendix

A. Director and staff job descriptions

B. Board Application

C. Library Patron Application

D. Volunteer Form

E. Meeting Room agreement and waiver of liability

F. Code of Conduct

G. Internet/Computer Access Policy and Guidelines 2016

H. Internet Safety Policy

I. Overdue Material Letter

J. Ordinance Letter

K. Request for Reconsideration of Library Material

L. Kansas State Library & South Central Kansas Library System Info

M. The Library Bill of Rights

N. The Freedom to Read

Below you will find links to the Policy and Procedure Manual.
History of Lincoln Library
Strategic Plan
Mission & Goals
Board By-Laws & Policy
Personnel Policy
Collection Development Policy
Service Policy
Emergency Preparedness Plan