1. Library Use
The Lincoln Library makes its collections and services available to all persons equally and with respect to human diversity.

A. Library Borrower Registration
To check out library materials or request ILL (Interlibrary Loan) an individual must be a patron. To register as a patron an individual must complete a registration card, photo ID and proof of address. The registration cards include the following information:

a. Full Name

b. Address

c. Phone/Cell Phone

d. Email address

e. Business Address/Business Phone

f. Age if under 18 with a Parent’s Signature
Kansas Statues define a minor as a person under the age of 18. Consequently, for registration purposes, the Lincoln Library requires a parent’s or guardian’s signature to register an individual who is under the age of 18. In first time registration instances, telephone authorization from a parent or guardian may substitute for written authorization, but written authorization will be required for any further use of Library services.
By completing the Library patron registration, an individual is issued a number to use when checking out Library materials within the library or through the Sunflower eLibrary. Also by completing the library patron registration, an individual, or in the case of an individual under the age of 18, the child’s parent or guardian agrees to abide by Library rules, pay any fines or damages to Library materials or equipment used, and gives prompt notice of any change of address or other contact information.
The Library requires renewal of library cards every three years.

B. Limits on Borrowing
Because of high demand, the following materials have borrowing limitations in regard to the number that any single Library user may check out:
New Fiction 2 items no renewals
Juvenile Holiday Books 4 items no renewals
Juvenile school assignment books 2 items
Audio compact discs 4 items
VCR tapes 4 items
DVDs/Blu-rays 4 items
Limits are also set by fine amounts:
$0 – $6.00 No limit
$6.01 – $12.00 Limit 2 items
Over $12.00 patron must pay some amount in order to check out any material and then they are limited to 1 item until fine is under $12.00.
Patrons will be given one notice at the first checkout after a fine is assessed without limit to checkout.
If a patron has 10 or more items checked out that have been repeatedly renewed and fines assessed, that patron may not check out further items until some or all of the checked out items are returned.

C. Length of Loan Period
The loan period for books and most other material is (2) two weeks and for magazines (1) week. Books and most other materials may be renewed for (2) weeks and magazines for (1) week. Reference books and rare or historically valuable books may be checked out overnight at the discretion of the Director but should mainly be used in the Library. New books and bestsellers may not be renewed. Books or other material with a patron hold also may not be renewed. Interlibrary loan materials loan for a period of four weeks and may be renewed at the request of the local library user and the discretion of the lending library. These materials are not owned by Lincoln Library and patrons need to be cognizant of and consider this fact before placing an ILL request.

D. Reserved Materials
Library patrons may reserve materials currently in circulation but unavailable at the time of request either by telephone, in person or on the Internet. In order to place a hold on the Internet, patrons will need to set up a username/password at the library or online through the catalog. The patron will be notified by telephone by library staff when the material becomes available. Books and other materials should be picked up within three days of notification.

E. Computers and Internet
The computer and Internet workstations of the Lincoln Library are available for general public use as long as they are used correctly and as intended. Each of the four public computers has an Internet/Computer Use Policy 2016 in plain sight (See appendix).
The only computer and Internet use authorized by the Library is legal use and each patron/guest is required to agree to abide by the conditions of this policy. Illegal or criminal use of the computer or Internet or failure to abide by the conditions of this policy will result in the patron’s or guest’s loss of privileges. Illegal use of the Internet, especially in regard to viewing child pornography, making threats of violence or other criminal acts, are prosecutable under applicable state and federal laws. The computer and Internet workstations are monitored by the Director or staff for assistance and security.
The Library Internet access is intended primarily as an information resource. Access to personal email service by the patron is at their own discretion. The Library does not provide personal e-mail services to patron’s through its Library Internet Account. Patrons should make sure to log out of all personal accounts before ending their computer session. Access to chat rooms by patrons is prohibited. Parents agree that the monitoring and supervision of their children’s use of the Internet is their responsibility. In addition, parents or legal guardians may allow or restrict his/her minor who is under 18 years of age the use of Internet resources available at the Library using the Internet Access Permission Form. All children need to have a parent fill out this form before they are allowed access to computers/Internet (See appendix). On first use the parent/guardian may give permission over the phone.
Use of the computer and Internet is on a first-come, first served basis. Each person may use the computer for one hour/day. A maximum of two people at a time may view an Internet workstation during its use. A minimal level of computer competence is required for users of the Internet workstations. The Director or staff can offer suggestions and answer questions but can provide individual training on an appointment basis only. The Director or staff always maintain the discretion and right to interrupt or end computer or Internet use by a patron.
The Library provides technology tutoring as a free service. Tutoring includes help with eReaders, tablets, laptops, smart phones (IOS & Android), and computer programs. The Library, Director, and staff are not liable for any damages/loss of information/inconveniences that occur because of this tutoring.
The Library is not responsible for damage to any patron’s personal disks, computers, flash drives, etc. or any damage to or loss of data that may occur from use of the Library’s computers. There is a $.10/page charge for printing, and a $.75/page charge for color printing. Patrons may not run their own personal software or programs or download software or programs to the Library computers. Any files left on the Library computer’s hard drive will be deleted. Patrons are personally responsible for any commercial transactions they make via the Internet. Use of the Library computers or Internet should not be considered private or confidential.

F. Overdue Policy Notification
The Lincoln Library sends overdue notifications to patrons as a courtesy to remind them of materials kept past the due date.

a. 7 days past due: The first overdue notice, the patron will receive a reminder phone call from library staff stating the materials overdue and any fines; or if the patron cannot be contacted by phone, a letter generated from the Destiny Circulation program will be sent to the patron. The letter will consist of the itemized list of the materials overdue from the Library and the accumulated fines due. No additional message will be included in this letter. (see Appendix)

b. 14 days past due: A second overdue notice letter will be sent. This letter will be a Destiny generated letter. The letter will consist of the itemized list of materials overdue from the Library and the accumulated fines due. In addition, the following message will be typed in the heading of the letter: “We value you as a patron, however, Library privileges are suspended until all fines and costs are settled.” No other messages included in the letter. (see Appendix)

c. The Final notice will be sent 21 days past due. The patron will receive a final formal letter, Code 12-301-303. The patron will lose all privileges to the Lincoln Library until all materials are returned and all fines and costs are settled. No other messages are included in the letter. (see Appendix)

G. Fines, Lost and Damaged Materials
Materials that are overdue receive an initial (2) two-day grace period before fines are assessed. Thereafter, a fine for each overdue material of five cents/day the Library is open is assessed. The fine limit will not accrue to more than the current value of the overdue material. No materials may be checked out nor Library computers used until an outstanding fines minimum is paid (see section B Limits on Borrowing for amounts). Lost or damaged materials are the responsibility of the library patron who checked the material out. For lost material, the cost of replacement will be charged and for damaged materials, the director will assess a fine appropriate to the degree of damage up to the replacement cost.

H. Suspension & Reinstatement of Privileges for Health and Safety Reasons

Suspension – It is the responsibility of Lincoln Library to maintain a healthy and clean environment for all Library users and to protect the investment in Library collections, equipment and property. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Library may restrict a user’s ability to borrow materials and/or to visit Library facilities when such use may jeopardize the health and cleanliness of Library facilities, collections and users.
Examples of situations where borrowing of materials may be suspended include, but are not limited to:

Evidence that items on loan to a customer may have been returned with insects that are known to be damaging to library materials, or that can result in pest infestations in library facilities, e.g. roaches, silverfish and some types of beetles.
Examples of situations where borrowing of materials may be suspended include, but are not limited to:

Customers or customer possessions with fleas, lice, or bed bugs

Customers with clothing that is stained with urine, feces or blood.
Should it become necessary to suspend Library privileges of a customer in order to protect Library collections, facilities or their users, notification of the suspension will be made by the Library Director.
Any customer that has privileges suspended under the terms of this policy may request a re-evaluation of the suspension under the terms of the reinstatement of Library privileges policy.

Reinstatement – Customers who have had Library privileges suspended under Suspension of Privileges for Health and Safety Reasons may request reinstatement upon the ability to demonstrate that the situation that resulted in loss of privileges has been resolved.
For reinstatement requests relating to suspensions due to pest infestation decisions will be made based upon evidence showing that the address in question has been inspected with no sign of infestation or that the residence ahs been treated. Confirming information may include copies of receipts for treatment, a letter from a licensed pest control company or a written statement from the owner or property manager of a multi-family rental residence. In some circumstances, proof of a change of residential address may also be accepted. – (policy addition approved by Lincoln Library Board of Directors 8-6-2018)

I. Copyright
The Library complies with existing Federal Copyright Laws. The required Copyright notice and warning are posted at the photocopy machine and in the computer and Internet areas. The notice reads: “The Copyright Code or the United States, Title 17, governs the making of photocopies and reproductions of other Copyrighted material.” The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.

2. Service Hours
Hours are the same year round.
Monday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday Closed
The Library is closed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day January 1
Memorial Day Last Monday in May
Independence Day July 4
Labor Day First Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day Fourth Thursday in November
Christmas Eve Day December 24
Christmas Day December 25

3. System Membership
The Lincoln Library became a member of the South Central Kansas Library System on June 17, 1967. As a consequence of SCKLS membership, Kansas Administrative Regulation (KAR) 54-1-8 states that “libraries participating in a regional system of cooperating libraries shall permit any citizen of the territory comprising the system to borrow materials and receive services without charge, subject to reasonable library rules”.
As an SCKLS member, the Lincoln Library receives an annual grant-in-aid and is eligible to use SCKLS services and programs and to apply for SCKLS technology, eBook reimbursement, continuing education grants subject to grant guidelines. To be eligible for the SCKLS grant-in-aid the Library is required to maintain and report the number of registered borrowers who reside outside the boundaries of the Library’s taxing district and the number of interlibrary loans provided to other libraries.

4. Special Services
The Library provides the following special services:

• Delivery of library materials to older citizens who are homebound

• Three-week checkout of materials to library users who home school

• Three-week checkout of materials to public school teachers

• Traveling story time

• Technology Training

• Game nights/Creation club

• Other special programming

5. Other Library Services

A. Use of Meeting Room
Priority for use of the Lincoln Library meeting room is reserved for Library and library-sponsored programs and meetings.

a. The meeting room is available for use by non-profit organizations. When scheduling the meeting room, an individual must indicate the non-profit organization and the contact person for the organization that will be using the meeting room. The individual scheduling the meeting for an organization must sign a copy of the meeting room policy (see appendix) as an acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the rules of the policy.

b. No partisan political groups, religious groups or individuals espousing a partisan political candidate, issue or viewpoint, are eligible to use the meeting room for political or religious purposes.

c. No profit-making organizations, companies or individuals are eligible to use the meeting room for profit-making purposes.

d. No eligible organization or individual using the meeting room may charge admission or take a collection. A registration fee or voluntary donation may only be assessed in educational or training courses provided by a non-profit organization in cooperation with the Library.

e. No product will be sold in the meeting room or on library premises unless sold as materials required for a non-profit educational or training course or sold as part of a Library or Library-sponsored program or meeting.

f. With the exception of Library and Library-sponsored programs and meetings, no refreshments may be served.

g. Eligible organizations that use the meeting room should provide their own audio-visual equipment and/or technology.

h. Organizations using the meeting room should be responsible for setting up the rooms according to their own needs and then restoring the room to the order in which it was found.

i. All applicable publicity from organization using the library meeting room should identify the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting. Unless authorized, organizations should not identify the Library as a sponsor for any meeting.

j. Youth organization using the meeting room should have one adult (over 21) present at all times.

B. Exhibits and Displays
Exhibits and displays in the library are authorized by the Director and the Board on the basis of whether the exhibit or display supports the goals of the Library. Individuals must sign a “Waiver of Liability” in order to display or exhibit items. If an item or items that are part of an exhibit or display are lost, damaged or stolen while on library premises, the “Waiver of Liability” (see appendix) provides that the Library will not be held responsible for the $250 deductible for such loss, damage or theft.

C. Use of Library Property
No individuals or organizations may distribute printed or other materials, solicit signatures for petitions, conduct surveys or otherwise use library property for non-library purposes.
6. Code of Conduct for Library Users
See Appendix