Lincoln Library
Strategic Plan
2019 – 2024

The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to provide direction for the organization.
The plan takes the form of a traditional strategic plan with large, overarching goals supported by objectives, strategies, and tactics. For the purposes of this plan, we used the following definitions:
Goals: Goals are the big ideas that support our mission, vision, and values. They set the course for the next 3 – 5 years. These are the destination.
Objectives: Objectives are measurable milestones that indicate we are reaching our goals. Objectives are reviewed annually but should rarely change. These are the agreed-upon routes that will get us to the destination.
Strategies: Strategies are the conceptual plan that tells us what we are to do. Strategies are reviewed annually, for fine-tuning and alignment. These are the compass, setting and maintaining our course along the routes.
Tactics: Tactics are the activities we will do to accomplish the goal, meet the stated objectives, and fulfill the strategy. Tactics are part of detailed action plans developed each year during the Annual Business Planning process. These are the individual stops along the routes, guided by our compass.

This plan is intended to guide Lincoln Library in its mission to enrich the quality of life for the Medicine Lodge community and outlying areas. And to continue the improvements made in library processes and programming since January of 2016.

2019-2024 Strategic Plan
Goal 1 Lincoln Library strives for Operational Excellence
Objective 1.1 Clearly define Operational Excellence – see end of tactics page
Objective 1.2 Provide excellent customer service
Strategy 1.2.1 Equip staff with the trainings, tools, and
resources they need to serve internal/external customers
Tactic: Have staff attend SCKLS trainings at
least once/year and more if appropriate.
Objective 1.3 Continue to improve efficiency and effectiveness
Strategy 1.3.1 Use data to support decision-making
Strategy 1.3.2 Simplify the work of staff
Tactic: Establish dedicated work flows
Tactic: Make one part-time, full-time, hire two high
schoolers for part-time to work Saturdays
and one evening/week.

Goal 2 Lincoln Library communicates its value to the community by
expanding awareness of programs and services
Objective 2.1 Continue to increase visibility in the community
Strategy 2.1.1 Develop an approach for staff out in the community to
educate people on the Library’s offering.
Objective 2.2 Strengthen relationships with patrons and non-patrons
Strategy 2.2.1 Meet community members where they are by providing programming out in the community.

Objective 2.3 Expand Lincoln Library’s network and partnerships
Strategy 2.3.1 Continue to work with organizations and the schools,
strengthening those partnerships.
Strategy 2.3.2 Establish new partnerships within the community and
beyond that will give the library access to new

Goal 3 Lincoln Library will connect to patrons on a meaningful level,
strengthening connections with the community
Objective 3.1 Provide collections, programs, services, and staff that meet patron and
community needs.
Strategy 3.1.1 Update the collection on an ongoing basis, responding
to the community’s changing needs.
Tactic: Make sure to address diversity in the collection
Strategy 3.1.2 Deliver innovative, engaging, out-come based services
and programs to the community
Tactic: Director will keep abreast of new developments
and technologies in the library field.
Tactic: Redefine outreach programming and work at
embedding the library into the community
Tactic: Director will continue to research funding
opportunities through grants and other
Objective 3.2 Provide environments that enhance the patron experience
Strategy 3.2.1 Expand meeting room space in order to house all in
house library programming in house
Tactic: Purchase building West of Library, demolish
and build an extended meeting room with
kitchenette and restroom facilities.
Strategy 3.2.2 Create outdoor programming space
Tactic: Create patio for outdoor children’s
programming, create flower and vegetable
gardening spaces for intergenerational

Possible Tactics
These possible tactics are included as placeholders – to document ideas and opportunities that have been identified by the Library personnel and Board.

1) 1000 books before Kindergarten
2) Traveling storytimes
3) Teen Advisory Board
4) Increase teen programming; implement teen led programming
5) AR/VR out in the community
6) Partner with SCTelcom for 3 charging stations & two large screens with small computers – one in children’s room, one in meeting room. If SCTelcom will not provide or will not discount, use SCKLS technology grant to purchase items along with Nintendo Switch and Labo.
7) Digital outdoor signage

Operational Excellence
A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organization. The process involves focusing on the customers’ needs, keeping the employees positive and empowered, and continually improving the current activities in the workplace.
Lincoln Library staff will provide excellent customer service by greeting each patron as they walk through the door, answering any questions they may have, helping them find material, suggesting options for check out (sunflowerelibrary, other state ebook platforms, ILL), assisting them with technology needs, issuing library cards and/or state library cards, assisting with research through Kansas state databases, etc.
Library staff will also participate in trainings either online, in house or at SCKLS at least yearly. Staff will be committed to continued learning and growth and keep abreast of trends in the library field by reading professional articles or magazines (online or physically owned).
Staff will always respect each other and patrons, showing kindness as written in our mission and goals statements.

Approved and adopted by Lincoln Library Board of Trustees on December 3, 2018.