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2021 Summer Reading Program Finished

Reading Program awardsI solemnly swear that this will be the last column about the summer reading program for weeks and weeks and weeks. I also promise to keep this short and to the point, to the best of my ability. “Short and to the point” isn’t my strong suit!

Our readers were divided into several groups for the summer reading program. The youngest of our patrons, ages birth through two years, are the Rubber Duckies. There were 10 Rubber Duckies signed up for the program. Virginia Lytle had 100 books read to her and came away with first place and a pop-up tunnel to play in. Rilynn Doman came in second place with 64 books and received an electronic animal book. Third place went to Brian Traffas with 53 books; he received a 50 flaps board book.

Our next group was the Nonreaders. We had 23 signed up; the top three having the most books read to them were Trevyn Flora, Lucy Schwerdtfeger, and Harlee Cox. Trevyn had 230 books read to him and he received a light-up board. Lucy listened to 155 books and received a large badminton game. Harlee had 130 books read to her and a wooden turtle puzzle was her reward.

There were 19 young readers signed up who kept track of the titles of the books they read. First place with 235 books was Shaylee Flora. Second place with 101 books was Callan Traffas. Third place with 78 books went to Kellen Barnes. Shaylee took a moon lamp home for her efforts, Callan walked away with a drone, and Kellen received a Lite-Brite set.

There were also readers who kept track of the time they read instead of the titles of the books. The top three readers in this group of 55 were Darcie Miltner, Stuart Schmucker, and Alayna Flora. Darcie read 87.5 hours and received a moon lamp. Stuart read 75.75 hours and became the owner of a drone. Alayna read 75 hours and took a kinetic sand castle home.

Our top three teen readers out of the 12 signed up were Elijah Schmucker with 110 hours, Piper Bishop with 95 hours, and Meara Bishop with 75 hours. The first-place prize for Elijah was a solar charger. Piper received a deluxe comfort lounge and Meara added the soothing sight of shifting sands to her personal belongings.

The top three adult readers, of the 45 signed up, were Myrna Sutter, Ruth Shelite, and Carroll Moore. Myrna read 200 hours and was happy to take home a Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager. Ruth read 141 hours and received a hammock; the perfect thing for someone who recently retired and loves to read. Carroll Moore read 140 hours and now owns a comfort pillow, which according to her husband, she is already quite fond of.

We had 75 prizes that participants had the opportunity to put entries towards during the 7-week program. These prizes included puzzles, games, kits, books, a doll house, a mega water gun, a blanket, slime, kinetic sand, and a bunch of other kind of cool things.

It was a good summer reading program and we are thankful for all of the participants for making it so. We will start working on next summer’s program towards the end of September or the beginning of October. There are things we want to change; we are hoping to make it easier for the moms of the littles. There is additional programming we want to do next summer that will take time to plan. We are already throwing around ideas and we would love for you to throw your ideas and suggestions in the mix! Who better to help with the planning than the participants? What kind of activities would make you reach for a book you would not normally read? What would make your child choose a book over a screen? How could we streamline the program in a way that could be easier incorporated into busy lives? You know where to find us; we have an open mind and we would appreciate hearing any answers you have to these questions.

2021 Summer Reading Program Starts Soon!

books for the book saleWe are just days away from the start of the signup for this year’s summer reading program and our huge book sale. Both begin on June 14 at 10:00 in the morning in the library annex (the former Mason building). We will be running the signup all week long and the book sale will last until the end of July.

The theme for the summer reading program this year is “Tails and Tales.” The theme will affect the games we play and the programming for the children. The main gist of the summer reading program is just to read books, but maybe in a more mindful manner. This program is for ages 0 through 100+. Entry blanks will be generously given throughout the seven-week program. These entries can go toward your choice of prizes, and there are a lot to choose from. The drawing for the prizes will be held at the final program of the year on Tuesday, August 10, at 10:00 AM. Bring your kids or grandkids and get the whole bunch of you signed up! It’s a great way to keep the kids reading through the summer.

There are a lot of books in this book sale, times ten! There are very few children’s books, but a very large selection of junior and adult fiction. There is also a nice assortment of adult and junior nonfiction. These books are the adult fiction books we have weeded from our library, along with a large variety of books weeded from the library at the Medicine Lodge Junior-Senior High. Individuals have also donated books for the sale.

There is also a table of movies included in the sale, T-shirts from previous summer reading programs, and framed photos by Bill Krug.

The books and movies will be $5.00 a bag and we will provide the bag. The proceeds from the sale of the books and other items will go towards Phase 2 of our remodel.

Set aside some time on June 14th through the 19th to visit the library and sign up, shop, and scrutinize Phase 1 of our awesome remodel. We are looking forward to a very fun summer! See you next week!

A Farraginous Column

constructionThe word that would best describe this column is farraginous. It is great to read something that flows as smoothly as the brown waterfall of enticing sweetness that cascades from a chocolate fountain. I’d say this column will be more like a popcorn machine: mixed up, jumbled together, and randomly chaotic.

We have been talking about our remodeling project here at Lincoln Library for a long time. Covid-19 was detrimental to everybody and everything, including the process that had to be completed before we could actually begin bringing the development of our ideas to fruition. Phase 1 of our remodeling and expansion adventure has begun. Our goal is to have Phase 1 completed by the 30th of June.

Anytime you have a remodeling project going on, there is going to be a bit of mess and inconvenience. Some days it may be a challenge to be open, but as long as there is an active use of patience on both sides of the counter, we will do just fine! If you would rather avoid our quite noisy atmosphere, just call ahead with what you want and we’ll meet you at the door with your books!

In preparation for Phase 1, we have had to clean out every storage area we have and move most everything next door. Although things are a little less easy now, we are going to be watching a whole lot of wonderful take shape right before our eyes, and we are excited!

Tails and Tales Summer Reading ProgramNow just to take the challenge up a notch, we will be having our Summer Reading Program sign-up beginning June 14th, so there might be just a bit of overlap. We will be holding the sign-up at our annex to the north, the former Mason building. Our book sale, also in our annex, will be going on at the same time as the sign-up. If you are wanting to add to your personal library, this will be a most opportune time to do just that!

Our Summer Reading Program will actually begin on June 21st. Although programming will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, there will always be a variety of other things to do. Early on in our program, on June 24th, Dan, Dan, the Magic Man will be in Medicine Lodge at the Christian Church at 10:00 AM.

When we start gearing up for the Summer Reading Program, I start seeking donations. This is the largest library sponsored program for the entire year and it takes quite a bit of extra everything. Last year we changed things up and it was a good time. This year we are keeping a lot of those changes, but, we are going bigger and better.

So just to simplify the process, we are generous with entry blanks that can be entered into the prize or prizes of your choice. It worked well last year. The people who put in the effort and spent hours and hours of reading during the program, playing the games, and visiting the library frequently, came out of our last programming pretty happy! We had lots of good prizes and readers worked hard for them. You say that is bribing people to read, maybe, but it certainly worked and it was a great time for all ages.

We appreciate donations of individual packaged snacks and drinks; the little bags of chips are a favorite. We’d love donations of craft supplies, prizes, and, of course, money is good!!

Speaking of donations, we have been blessed with a bunch of books and movies recently! (Thank you, Dollar General, Linda, Tom, and Jerry!) We had a patron who walked through the door with a bunch of drink pouches; we so appreciate them, Cathy.

Now, do you see why I described this column as farraginous? Farraginous is a word that runs around in the back of my brain that I like and will use in writing, but not in conversation. It is with all of the rest of the words that I know how to spell, know what they mean, but hate to speak them because of the fear of them coming out of my mouth sounding weird and wrong. Some synonyms of farraginous are mixture, motley, confused, mixed, random, jumbled, haphazard, mottled, and assorted. Farraginous just seems like a good word to sum up this column and the past week in general. Here’s to this week being more like a chocolate fountain and less like a popcorn machine!

Stepping into 2021

2021 and shoesMany are stepping into 2021 with a mixture of hope and apprehension as 2020 goes down in our memories as a year full of inconsistencies, unrest, anxiety, loneliness, and a pandemic. Most eyes show the effects when the topic of the past year comes up in conversation and most mouths have stories of how 2020 has adversely affected them. My hopes and prayers are that we will never look back on 2020 fondly!

We at Lincoln Library have all had our own personal struggles this past year. The library itself has also had some setbacks and did a bit of stumbling around in the dark as we tried to find a balance in between keeping the door open, but yet keeping our patrons safe. We have had to make lots of changes and, unfortunately, most of them have shortchanged our younger patrons. We have cut computer privileges, games, and other activities that involves larger groups of children gathering due to the difficulty of sanitizing and maintaining social distancing amongst that age group.

We are open our normal hours and you do not have to have an appointment to come in. We send faxes; the cost is 50 cents per page to send a fax and 10 cents a page to receive a fax. We make copies; we charge 10 cents for black and white and no more than 75 cents for a copy in color. We do have computers available for public use for adults only. Children may use the computers if they are doing school work.

We have books, lots of books! If we don’t have what you are wanting to read, we can usually get it for you through Interlibrary Loan. We have a good selection of movies; we can also order movies through Interlibrary Loan. You are more than welcome to come in and read the newspapers and magazines in the reading room. You can also check out the magazines to take home to read.

We also accept donations of magazines, movies, books, after-school snacks, and prizes for bingo. We will be having a book sale this spring as a fundraiser for our expansion project! It will be an excellent way for individuals to build their own personal library!

We want Lincoln Library to be a place to go to get away from it all! It is clean, warm, and you will be welcomed!