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Initiating Friends of the Library

library building

This new year will be a time to concentrate on nurturing and growing the programs and projects that were started here at Lincoln Library in 2019. To ensure the success of these ventures, we need to initiate another program, Friends of the Library. This group will exist as a separate entity from the library, but they will support the library in everything we do. The purpose of this program will be to supply volunteers, assist in raising funds, advocate for the library, and raise awareness through public relations.

The goal is to build this group up in numbers so that members can volunteer only the amount of hours they want to and in the areas they are interested in. We will be concentrating on fundraising once we have the final decisions concerning the expansion down on paper. When the expansion project is completed, we will need volunteers to provide supervision in the additional space. It will definitely be advantageous to have a group of people in the know and able to get the word out to the community about classes and other programming.

Being a Friend of the Library will be good for you also. As humans, social interaction is essential to every aspect of our health. Research shows that having a strong network of support or strong community bonds fosters both emotional and physical health and is an important component of adult life.

Please let me know if this is something you might like to be part of and what area you would most like to focus your time. It will be amazing when this expansion project is completed, but the journey to completion will be exciting and energizing within itself. We would love for you to join us!

In Gear for a Remarkable 2020

2020 bulletin boardLincoln Library has had a really good year, but the most exciting thing is knowing that this year we have set the gears in motion for a remarkable 2020. Occasionally, I will be chatting with someone about libraries in general when their face distorts into a grimace and their prediction concerning the future of libraries that comes out of their mouth is dire and foreboding. I concentrate on preventing my own face from doing weird things, because we have so many things going on here at Lincoln Library that it is difficult to stay up with it all!

We are expanding to the north of us and have already had one meeting with the architect, with a second one scheduled shortly after the first of the year. This is a huge project, but when it is finished, it will benefit the community in so many different ways. This includes space for meetings, events, activities, and classes. We are only in the beginning stages of figuring out the best way to use the space to serve our regular patrons and residents and how to fund the project through to its completion. Our ears and minds are open if you have ideas or suggestions you would like to share on any aspect of this undertaking.

Also, we have Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library up and running. You can drop by the library and pick up an enrollment form or you can go to and sign your child up online. Children under five years old are mailed a book each month. The first book will take 8 to 10 weeks to arrive.

We are in the process of putting the finishing touches on the 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program. Lincoln Library, Hardtner Library, and Kiowa Library are all working together so the program will be uniform countywide. We should be ready to start enrolling children in the program by the middle of January!

2020 will be a year of nurturing the expansion project and these two programs into successful ventures. Excitement produced by these projects are what fuels the extra pep in our step around here to move forward with each of these projects. There is one more program that we want to get going here at Lincoln Library; I’ll tell you about that one next week!

Architect for Expansion Project Hired

brick buildingWe at Lincoln Library take small steps ahead every day as we complete our daily goals and inch forward on long-term goals. This week our stride was a little longer as we took an exciting step that we have been anticipating for quite some time.

After purchasing the Mason’s building north of us in August, we have discussed its future in detail. We made a list of the top priorities that we would like to see incorporated into this expansion and we shared that list this week with Bill Morris of William Morris Associates, an independently owned architectural office.

I know we have a long journey ahead before we see the completion of this project. We must finalize plans, address project funding, and secure a contractor, which all takes time. Once completed, this expansion will provide an ample amount of additional space that will not only benefit the library, but the community as a whole.

Working with Kids Is Like an Abstract Painting

Lincoln Library was blessed to be one of the recipients of six grants issued by The Peoples Heartland Foundation. The $500 from this grant will be used to purchase board games and shelves to store them. The money will also allow for a table and chairs in a specified area for the playing of these games.

We are so grateful for their generosity, as it will provide numerous options for patrons in search of something to do. Although many come through the door hoping for an available computer, these games will add to their choices of things to do while waiting for their turn on a computer.

This game corner is not just for our younger patrons! We would like to encourage anyone in any age group to come in and play one or a few games. Challenge these young ones to a game; they would love it.

Let me tell you about one of our newest patrons. Her name is Shannon and she’s new in town. She came in and filled out the paperwork for a library card and we went through the usual chit-chat of meeting someone. She shared some of the details that brought her to this time in her life and out the door she went.

It was not too many days before she walked back through our door. This time she was bearing gifts. She is a crafter, and she brought samples for us. Before long she was giving fun things to the young patrons, along with her time. A couple of times she brought her crafting stuff here to the library and let the kids create whatever was in their imagination. She has scheduled another crafting time that is coming up soon, and the kids can hardly wait. They enjoy the crafting and creating, but they also enjoy the attention and conversation she gives them.

I think sometimes we think that working with kids is going to be like a Norman Rockwell painting; it is a time for warm and fuzzy feelings! Then we become shell-shocked when we do work with kids because it is more like an abstract painting with an unknown origin. The thing is, abstract paintings are beautiful when you focus on each individual, vivid and vibrant color and the unusual and unique blends, and that pretty well describes our children here at Lincoln Library.

Book Signing in the Meeting Room

There are so many ways that a library can serve a community. We have a meeting room with large tables. Do you need a location to hold a meeting? Do you need a large space to sort papers or cut out a sewing project? Do you need a neutral place to meet with someone? Just give us a call and we will put you on our calendar.

Eccentric Kansas bookThe meeting room will be in use on Thursday, December 5th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Roger Ringer will be holding a book signing for his newest book, Eccentric Kansas. He will not only have copies of his new book available that evening, but also copies of his first book, Kansas Oddities. It might be a good opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for those people who have everything.