Though we no longer have a scheduled game night, all teens are welcome to come use the game space at any time. Just remember to put everything away when you are finished.

Summer Reading Program

Teens are welcome and encouraged to be a part of the Summer Reading Program.  Their program is similar to the children’s program, with a few differences.

The teen program starts at the same time as the children’s program and ends within a few days of the children’s program.

They count the time spent reading, not books.

They can compete in the games, and there will be a prize for the teen with the most hours read.

Normally the teens have their own awards ceremony, but there will probably not be one in 2020 because of COVID-19 restrictions.  When the T-shirts come in, we’ll make up a bag for all the teen participants and also set up shelves of books that they can choose from for their own.  We will also announce the winners!