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Memorial Buys About 30 Audiobooks

5 audiobooksI was thinking how I’ve not mentioned our audiobooks much. We have a nice selection and will soon be adding approximately 30 more.

I certainly understand people who insist they would rather hold a book; I feel that way also! However, there are times that a book just will not work. Take for instance, a long road trip! An explanation is really not needed here as we all know not to read and drive.

Listening to an audiobook will improve your pronunciation and fluency. While the narrator reads the book, you can learn the way they pronounce the different words. Also noticing the reading speed, the pauses, stresses, and intonations can help you have good fluency and command over your language.

Audiobooks give you the opportunity to multitask. You can continue enjoying the story while doing housework, cooking, working out, or going for a walk.

There are so many different ways that audiobooks are good for your brain. They will improve your focus, attention span, and memory. They will build critical listening skills, critical thinking, and improve comprehension. Listening to audiobooks can also reduce stress, calm our minds, and help us be more empathetic.

Another extremely important benefit of audiobooks is the blessing they are for people with visual impairments and other health and reading disorders that prevent them from reading books.

This benefit brings to mind one of our favorite patrons who was an avid listener to audiobooks, Dorothy. Health issues forced Dorothy to turn to audiobooks to satisfy her avid interest in a variety of stories and a way to fill her time. Her husband would often make her audiobook run for her, and we would all scramble to find an audiobook that would not only interest her, but she had not yet listened to.

Using her suggestions, we often ordered audiobooks through interlibrary loan for her. There were times she came to the library to look for herself. It was evident that the trips were not easy for her to make, but we loved seeing her.

After she passed, Lincoln Library was one of the suggested recipients for memorials; friends and family gave close to $1000, making it possible to purchase approximately 30 more audiobooks.

Do You Like Graphic Novels?

Does anyone else remember the comic books of yesteryear?  I grew up in Burlington, Kansas; the town had a drugstore, Cooksey’s, that allowed kids to settle on a floor shelf in front of the comic books and read to their heart’s content.  I spent many hours as a child reading comic books about Archie, Jughead, Veronica, and Betty!  I liked Casper the Friendly Ghost and Scooby Doo.  I wasn’t impressed with all the army and superhero comic books, but I would read them occasionally out of desperation for something to read.  I would finish my visit off with a root beer float and call it a good day!

We don’t have comic books, per se, but we do have graphic novels.  If you like pictures with your words, we have My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, Star Wars, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Spiderman, Ironman, Superman, Disney Kingdoms, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Big Nate, Scooby Doo, and so many more.  Furthermore, we have a cozy, quiet little nook right by the graphic novels where you are welcome to read the books, or you can check them out and take them to read in the comfort of your home.

We Need Your Expansion Ideas

brick buildingOn Aug. 8, 2019, Lincoln Library purchased the building just north of the library. Board members have visited newly remodeled libraries, and we are imagining the many ways we can use this building to benefit both the library and the community. We need to solidify our ideas soon, as we choose an architect and do a feasibility study. Do you have an idea or a suggestion of something you’d like to see made part of this expansion? Stop by the library and talk to Doris. We’d love to have your input!

Celebrating the Library

Events will include:
(1) Participation in the Peace Treaty Parade handing out 1500 books over three days. These books are being provided by funds received in memory of Louise DeGeer.
(2) Lincoln Library History display in the Library meeting room during Peace Treaty. The meeting room will be open 1 hour before and one hour following the parade each day.
(3) Interactive Map History Tour of Medicine Lodge. Partnering with Eryn Guy and Medicine Lodge students we will be providing an Interactive Map detailing historical buildings and places around Medicine Lodge. Interactive Map
(4) Lincoln Library historical digitization project worked on by Intern Braxton Wells in conjunction with April Hernandez. Lincoln Library & Medicine Lodge Digital History