Dan and 2 assistants showing live rabbit to childrenWe are getting close to being halfway done with the 2020 Summer Reading Program! We have had fun thus far with our programming, reading, and games. Dan, Dan the Magic Man was here last Thursday, and as always, he put on a good program for us. While thanking him after the program, he commented that Medicine Lodge is one of his favorite towns to come to because the kids are so well-behaved and they interact with him through the program. Of course, it is something I already knew, but I’m proud to pass that little tidbit of information on!

We have a large variety of prizes for all ages and those signed up for the program can put another entry form in the box of their choice every time they come into the library to check out books. The great thing about it all, there is still time for you to sign up and join us in this adventure as we “Imagine Your Story”!

Programming and reading to meet our goals will continue until August 6, then I need everything turned in! On Tuesday, August 11, we will be drawing for all of the prizes. You can be present if you want, but you do not have to be present to win. Come on in; we would love to get you signed up!