National Gypsum big checkWe at Lincoln Library have had an abundance of surprises in the past few weeks. They are the good kind that leaves you speechless, eyes dripping, and brain reeling. Some of these surprises involved just a few words strung together that provided unmeasurable encouragement. Some were mindful acts of kindness that were so appreciated. Some provided funds to finish up Phase One and some provided funds to begin Phase Two.

As we began to prepare for Phase Two, we opened a bank account on November 16th designated only for the remodeling of our annex. A month later on December 16th, we have a balance of $29,625.80, to be exact.

It was a total surprise to receive $25,000.00 from National Gypsum. I was approached by an employee of National Gypsum asking a few questions, and was asked by another employee to write up a short synopsis of our goals for Phase Two. In only weeks we were notified that we were going to be presented with a $25,000.00 check.

The background story behind the gift involves the decision by Thomas Nelson, chairman, president, and CEO, of National Gypsum Company, and his wife, Anna. They made the decision to donate a total of $1 million divided up amongst the communities in the United States and Canada where National Gypsum and affiliated companies are located. These donations were to go to nonprofit groups that had a focus in the areas of community services and education, and were to be selected by associates at each facility. The presentations were planned in conjunction with Giving Tuesday.

We definitely appreciate the money as we begin the financial challenge of raising $250,000.00. We appreciate Jeff Hawk, Plant Manager; Jo Wedman, Office Manager; and Miki Jackson, HR and Safety Manager; and every other National Gypsum employee involved in this amazing gift to Lincoln Library’s Phase Two.

We have the “big” check on display at the library; it’s pretty impossible to miss when walking through the door. I look at it as a placard of encouragement, a reminder that we are not in this venture alone. We are sliding into a new year with that reassuring thought reinforcing our motivation, and after experiencing 2021, I find that surprising!