Imagine Your StoryI’m going to just apologize right from the start! Right now, my focus is entirely on the summer reading program and I can’t think of much else! Our sign-up week begins today and continues through Friday, June 26th. We have designed and redesigned to the point that all of us are kind of confused, but excited! Actually, we are extremely excited and ready to get this show on the road.

We have our programming lined up and a lot of our prizes and games on display. We want to provide. We want to provide a good time that is connected to the library. We want to provide incentives for those needing just a tiny budge to encourage them to sit down to read. We want to provide the right atmosphere that fosters a love of reading that runs deep enough that it becomes a life-long activity. We want to provide a location that is safe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for anyone, anytime our doors are open. We want to provide six weeks of programming that makes good memories for all of us.

Dan, Dan, the Magic ManAlthough most everything will be different this year, one thing will stay the same! We will still be having Dan, Dan, the Magic Man at 10:00 AM, July 9, at the First Christian Church! His shows are always fun!

Thank you to those who have donated to this year’s Summer Reading Program! We are still in need of individually wrapped snacks, small bottles of water, and other individually packaged drinks. We are also happy to accept cash!

Have I shared with you why I want this reading program to be one of lots of fun, lots of refreshments, and lots of prizes? Well, actually, there are a couple of reasons! One, there is such a heaviness that has permeated our society in the last few months and has caused us all to be a little anxious. You can bet your bottom dollar, that anxiety also trickles down to the young citizens of our country. We need a little break!

The second reason I want this to be a totally wonderful summer reading program is because kids are tired of being online. I never thought that would ever happen and I want to capitalize on it while I have the opportunity! I would love to entice those preteens and teens, who usually would much rather spend their time in front of the screen, to pick up and read books this summer. If it takes a few cool incentives to make that happen, I’m good with that!

We hope to see you this week during sign-up! It doesn’t matter your age, come join in the fun! Read some good books, play some of the games, and sign up for the prizes; let’s make this weird summer reading program one to remember!