Lincoln Library was blessed to be one of the recipients of six grants issued by The Peoples Heartland Foundation. The $500 from this grant will be used to purchase board games and shelves to store them. The money will also allow for a table and chairs in a specified area for the playing of these games.

We are so grateful for their generosity, as it will provide numerous options for patrons in search of something to do. Although many come through the door hoping for an available computer, these games will add to their choices of things to do while waiting for their turn on a computer.

This game corner is not just for our younger patrons! We would like to encourage anyone in any age group to come in and play one or a few games. Challenge these young ones to a game; they would love it.

Let me tell you about one of our newest patrons. Her name is Shannon and she’s new in town. She came in and filled out the paperwork for a library card and we went through the usual chit-chat of meeting someone. She shared some of the details that brought her to this time in her life and out the door she went.

It was not too many days before she walked back through our door. This time she was bearing gifts. She is a crafter, and she brought samples for us. Before long she was giving fun things to the young patrons, along with her time. A couple of times she brought her crafting stuff here to the library and let the kids create whatever was in their imagination. She has scheduled another crafting time that is coming up soon, and the kids can hardly wait. They enjoy the crafting and creating, but they also enjoy the attention and conversation she gives them.

I think sometimes we think that working with kids is going to be like a Norman Rockwell painting; it is a time for warm and fuzzy feelings! Then we become shell-shocked when we do work with kids because it is more like an abstract painting with an unknown origin. The thing is, abstract paintings are beautiful when you focus on each individual, vivid and vibrant color and the unusual and unique blends, and that pretty well describes our children here at Lincoln Library.